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About Affable Homes

Affable Homes – We are Affordable

Affable Homes – We are Affordable

Affable Homes is a leading real estate multi-level marketing firm in Nigeria. At Affable Homes, we create affordable homeownership opportunities for average Nigerians through our flexible payment plan. Since our inception, we have been fully involved in acquiring and selling authentic lands, property development and management, recruitment, empowerment, and skill acquisition.

Our watchword is accountability, fairness, activeness, integrity, loyalty, transparency, and innovation.

Affable equals affordability as we are always geared towards making the prices of our property accessible and affordable for every average Nigerian.

We have properties across several states in Nigeria. We know you love owning land in specific areas, but you opt out due to the prices offered. In our journey to make life easier, we consider affordability to serve you better.

With our 8th anniversary, we aim to provide affordable properties to Nigerians. We want to give back to Nigerians by bringing in high, middle, and low-income earners through our different products to acquire their real estate dreams. We have different estates across Nigeria: Lagos, Ogun, Anambra, Ebonyi, Delta, Imo, and Enugu.

We strive to bring growth and efficiency back into the real estate sector. We offer outright payments on every plot across our Beautiful Garden Estate across all states.

You are entitled to 5% discounts, a free plot of land, refrigerators, and a rechargeable fan on our lands selling at promo price. You have the privilege to spread payments across with our six, twelve, and twenty-four-months plan.

Some of our prices at our affordable locations are:

Epe: Here at Epe, Lagos, a plot of land is sold on average at 1.7 million. a plot of land here is sold at 1.2 million at our Beautiful Garden Estate.

Apa-Badagry: The average cost of land here is 5 million per plot. At Affable Homes, a plot of land is sold at 1 million.

Ofada/Owode: A plot of land is sold on average at 1.5million at Ofada/Owode Ogun state. Affable Homes is offering Nigerians to be land owners for as low as N600,000 here.

Umueri: At Umueri Airport City, a plot of land is usually sold on average at 3 million. At Affable Homes, a plot around this area is sold at a 2.5million and you can make payment over 6 months.

Mgbakwu-Akwa: The average cost of a plot of land at Mgbakwu-Akwa, Anambra, is usually sold at 2.5million. At Affable Homes, a plot of land is sold here at 1.7milion, which you can make across six months.

Ebonyi state: The average cost of a plot of land in Ebonyi State is a 3.5million, and Affable Homes is offering Nigerians the chance to buy at this rate.

Imo state: At UmuduruOgbaku, Owerri, a plot of land is sold on average for 6 million. You can get a plot at Affable Homes at 5 million.

Enugu state: At Agbogazi-Nike, Enugu, the land is sold on average at a 1.5million per plot. Affable Homes is offering affordability at 1.2million.

Delta state: Here at Ibusa, Asaba, a plot of land is sold on average between 1.5million- 1.8million. Affable Homes offers Nigerians the opportunity to become land owners at 1.3million here.

The above well-researched statistics show that, when comparing the average price a plot of land is sold across these states in Nigeria, Affable Homes offers total affordability. We offer Nigerians the opportunity to become property owners at cost-friendly prices.

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