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We Want You To Become A Home Owner In One Of The Most Appreciating And Fastest Developing Neighborhoods In Delta State While Ensuring A Good Home For Your Family At The Best Price Ever

why should you own this property

When you think about where to invest your money, for maximum return, think of where the property is located.
The location of the property plays a key role in ensuring you get maximum return within a short time.
One of such place is DELTA STATE where this property is located.
It is perfect for investors, an amazing location to raise a family and also a place to retire to.


Here is why you need to acquire
this property right now

Title Document

The title that comes with this amazing property is SURVEY AND DEED OF ASSIGNMENT. Giving you the full assurance to purchase without issues and it is completely free from any form of encumbrance. Moreso, without this document you are not a legal owner of this said property.

ease of access

The road leading to Ibusa property is easily accessible by any car and it also has very popular landmarks around it.

serene environment

The environment of this property is very serene especially for people like you who want peace of mind. Not only this but also the fact that this property is very much ready to be built immediately. There is no need for waiting for long to build on it, its a buy and build property.

discounted price

The price of this property has been highly subsidized to ensure that you acquire it easily and at affordable rate. The price is pocket friendly despite its location. But the price will soon return to its original price.

strategically located

One of the most important factors that determines the return on investment of any given property is the location. This property is strategically located in the heart of Delta (Ibusa) which makes it a very viable property that has high return on investment within the shortest possible time

good landmarks

As a result of the strategic location of this property, there are noticeable and major landmarks and great neighborhoods around this property which means it is in an already developed environment not developing one. The effect of this is the fact that it will aid easy access to different places you want to go without having to worry about much distance.


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payment information


N 1,200,000
  • Outright Purchase payable within three months without interest

six months

N 225,000
  • Installment Payment

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