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Affable Homes Properties 2024 price update Beautiful Garden Estate ( Smart City) Asaba Delta state Behind Asaba Airport Actual: 6m ❌ Promo: 5m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Port Harcourt ( New York City ) Actual price: 3m ❌ Promo price: 2.5m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Independent layout enugu state ( Smart City ) Actual: 8m❌ Promo: 7m✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Ogwashi ukwu ( Cape Town ) Asaba Delta state Actual: 3m ❌ Promo: 2.4m ✅ Buy 5plots and get 1plot free still Available Beautiful Garden Estate ibusa ( Dubai City ) Asaba Delta state Actual: 3m ❌ Promo:.2.5m ✅ Buy 5plots and get 1plot free still Available Beautiful Garden Estate Mgbakwu Awka Anambra state ( City of David) Actual Price: 3m ❌ Promo price: 2.5m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Agbogazi Nike (Kings and Queens ) Enugu state Scheme1: 2m ✅ Scheme2: 1.5m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Epe Lagos State ( Atlanta City) Actual price: 5m ❌ Promo Price: 4m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Achalla Awka north Anambra state Actual Price: 2m ❌ Promo price: 1.5m ✅ Buy 5plots and get 1plot free is now Available Beautiful Garden Estate Ogbaku owerri imo state ( Aku- Ruo Ulo 5 star Extension ) Actual Price: 6m ❌ Promo price: 5.3m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Ugwuomu Emene Nike Enugu state ( British City ) Actual price: 5m ❌ Promo price: 3.8m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Umueri ( Airport City) Anambra state Actual price: 4m ❌ Promo price: 3.5m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Oba Anambra state (New Jerusalem City ) Actual price: 7m ❌ Promo price: 6m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Abakaliki Onu Ebonyi ( Cape Town) Actual Price: 5m ❌ Promo Price: 4.3m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Apa Badagry Lagos state ( Nature View ) Actual price: 2m ❌ Promo price: 1.5m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Ijeododo VIP Lagos state Actual price: 7m ❌ Promo price: 6.5m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Ofada Owode ( City of David ) Actual price: 1.2m ❌ Promo price: 950k ✅ Buy 5plots and get 1plot free is Still Available Please Note Outright Purchase will get a Rechargeable Fan Payable within 3months no discount, No Interest Payable within 6months would apply 12.5% of the Value Payable within 12months would Apply 25% of the value All Comes with Free Documentations ✅ Please Note All the New Price increment will take effect from 15th of January 2024💯

FAQ Sequel To All Our
Beautiful Garden Estates

Affable Homes is a real estate firm dully registered ®️ with Cooperate Affairs Commission in 2011,
incorporated into the COMPANIES AND ALLIED MATTERS ACT 2020.
We also offer you 1st class quality services like:
• Property management
• Property development
• Facility management
• Property Valuation
• Procurement and sales of genuine Estate Lands
• Real Estate Network
• Skills and Digital Academy

Affable Homes LTD worldwide are the proud Owners of Beautiful Garden Estates.

Yes, it is a trademark name with copyright © backed by law.

Through divine inspiration, the name Beautiful Garden was curled from the Holy Bible traced to the first
garden(estate) God ever created in Eden. It was so beautiful that Affable homes had no choice than to
bring back the glory of Eden into our Beautiful Garden Estates.

Yes, we do. We just launched it officially Monday, May 1st ,2023.

By August 2023, affable homes limited became 9 (nine) years old

It is a replica, designed by a group of professional architects, that displays what Affable Homes Beautiful
Garden Estates worldwide will look like. This connote that no matter the location, whether in the United
states, London, Lagos, Owerri, Asaba, our Beautiful Garden Estates will look exactly like what you will
see in the prototype. The prototype and the company’s theme song are all properties of Affable Homes
LTD, registered ®️ with copyrights.

Affable Homes Limited, Owners of Beautiful Garden Estates nationwide, is proud to present to you a
beautiful garden estate prototype that has the following features:
• Clean and serene environment
• Good drainage systems
• Good, large Interconnected road network
• Highly trained security personnel and patrol vans
• Beautiful perimeter fencing
• Organized layouts that suit both residential and commercial areas respectively
• 24-hour non-interrupted power supply
• The estate is blessed with enough sights of mother nature such as beautiful gardens, Trees,
plantations, etc.
• Our smart city estates also have other wonderful features such as water fountains, gyms & Spa,
playgrounds, good schools, well-equipped clinics, standard sports facilities, etc.

Honestly, 70% of wise investors have positioned themselves already.

Kids’ Education Investment Plan (TASIP)
Trade Apprenticeship Settlement Investment plan (RPIP)
Retirement with property Investment Plan (RETT)
Affordable Co-operative Land ownership scheme (ACLOS)
Operation Turn all Tenants to Landlords (Pay as you Get Scheme)
Recruitment and Empowerment investment Plan (REIP)

Definitely, we have provision for wise investors who insist on building the design of their choice. Though
such structure(s) will be a standard/modern and acceptable structure that won’t go beyond a 2-storey

A smart city such as our beautiful garden will have a 4-bedroom duplex, 3-bedroom bungalow and 2-
bedroom bungalow.

As you know Affable Homes limited is out to the demystify property ownership in Nigeria. That is why
we are all out with flexible payment plans that can make it easy for your clients to pay for their
properties hitch free. We also have what we call Buy-to-Share, this is a situation where two clients can
co-own a plot in our estate ranging from 230 to 250 square meters for each person. Not all fingers are
equal, that is why we have engaged professional team of engineers and architects, to ensure a threebedroom bungalow or two-bedroom bungalow can be erected in a half plot of land.

Once a client can buy an acre (6 plots) the person’s name will be used to name an avenue/street in our

A client will own a mini estate inside our estate, after his/her choice I’m of name, once he/she procures
two acres (12 plots)

Once a client is done with the payment of the property alongside the payment of the full
documentations, we will allocate such property(s) with immediate effect.

Affable Homes Limited are the developers of our Beautiful Garden Estates worldwide.

Yes, we can build for our clients with our trusted team of engineers and architects

More than 500% Return on Investment is expected of our properties within the space of 3years.

We actually want to reduce the high rate of our people migrating to these beautiful cities outside the
shores of Nigeria by doing them a great deal of creating such mega cities in diaspora in our Beautiful
Garden Estates.

Everyone ranging from kids, salary earners, business tycoons, cooperatives, high ticket buyers, average
persons, people in diaspora and many more.

600sq.m I.e. 60 by 120
500sq.m I.e. 60 by 100
465sq.m I.e. 50 by 100
450sqm I.e. 50 BY 100
300Sqm i.e. 60 by 60

Sure, we are licensed with LASRERA here in Affable homes

It’s because we are a member of professional organizations like
Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV)
Our integrity and credibility are fully maintained
To crown it all, our vision and mission majorly is demystifying property ownership to make ten
thousand of people property owners come end of 2024 which is in line with Federal government
“Housing for all” as well as to reduce unemployment rate in Nigeria 🇳🇬.

• Beautiful Garden Estate Apa Badagry
• Beautiful Garden Estate Ofada Owode
• Beautiful Garden Estate Abapawa Epe and Imagba Epe
• Beautiful Garden Estate Ijedodo Vip
• Beautiful Garden Estate 6th Avenue Festac Extension

• Badagry – 450 sqm – Deed of Assignment and Survey
• Ofada owode- 500sqm- Deed of Assignment and Survey
• Abapawa Epe – 500 sqm -Deed of Assignment and survey
• Imagba Epe – 500 sqm -Deed of assignment and survey
• Ijedodo Vip – 600 sqm – Deed of Assignment
• 6
th Avenue – Deed of Assignment and survey

• Badagry – Mashy and Dry Land
• Ofada Owode – Table Dry land
• Abapawa Epe – Table Dry land
• Imagba Epe – Table Dry land
• Ijedodo vip – Water logged land
• 6
th Avenue – Mashy land

Badagry: Opposite Apa police Station at Onireke street, 2mins drive to New Airforce Base badagry, less
than than 5 mins drive to custom checkpoint, Behind Apa Primary Health care center.
Ofada Owode: Proposed trinity University,30mins from redemption camp, Host of other real estate’s
School,Owode Egba High School,35mins to Bergar.
Abapawa Epe: Michael Otedola Estate,st. Augustine University,Epe- Ijebu ode toll gate, fourth mainland
bridge, Epe Alaro city (Free Trade Zone),450 Million naira Lekki- Epe Airport, Six -lane Ibeju -lekki- Epe
Highway Project.
Imagba Epe: Michael Otedola Estate,st. Augustine University,Epe- Ijebu ode toll gate, fourth mainland
bridge, Epe Alaro city (Free Trade Zone),450 Million naira Lekki- Epe Airport, Six -lane Ibeju -lekki- Epe
Highway Project.
Ijedodo vip: Behind Abule- Ado and Trade fair international Market, Buknor Estate, Festac Extension.
th Avenue: Close to 7th Avenue Extension, Close to white sand

• Beautiful Garden Estate Aku-ruo-Ulo Nnewi Anambra State (Aku-ruo-Ulo)
• Beautiful Garden Estate Mgbakwu Awka Anambra State (City of David)
• Beautiful Garden Estate Nneyi Umueri Anambra State (Airport city)
• Beautiful Garden Estate Independence layout phase 2 Enugu state (Smart city)
• Beautiful Garden Estate Ugwuomu Emene-Nike Enugu State (Bristish city)
• Beautiful Garden Estate Agbo ogazi Nike Enugu state (Kings and queen palace)
• Beautiful Garden Estate Ibusa Asaba Delta State (Dubai City)
• Beautiful Garden Estate Ogwashi-Ukwu Asaba Delta State (cape Town)
• Beautiful Garden Estate Umuduru Ogbaku Owerri Imo State (Aku-ruo-Ulo)
• Beautiful Garden Estate Onu Eboyi Eboyin State (Cape Town)

• Aku-Ruo-Ulo Nnewi – 465sqm – Registered Survey and Deed of Assignment
• Mgbakwu Awka — 465sqm – Registered Survey and Deed of Assignment
• Nneyi Umueri – 465sqm – Deed of Assignment and Registered Layout.
• Independence layout – 500sqm – Government Approved layout
• Ugwuomu Emene-Nike 450sqm Survey and deed of Assignment
• Agbo -ogazi Nike – 465 sqm – Registered Layout and Deed of Assignment
• Ibusa Asaba – 465sqm – Registered Survey and Deed of Assignment
• Ogwashi-Ukwu -465 sqm – Registered Survey and Deed of Assignment
• Umuduru Ogbaku 465 Sqm – Registered survey and Deed of Assignment
• Onu Eboyi – 450 sqm – Registered Survey and Deed of Assignment.

• Aku-Ruo-Ulo Nnewi -Table Dry land
• Mgbakwu Awka — Table Dry land
• Nneyi Umueri – Table Dry land
• Amuche Nkwelle – Table Dry land
• Independence layout – Table Dry land
• Ugwuomu Emene Nike – Table Dry land
• Agbo ogazi Nike – Table Dry land
• Ibusa Asaba – Table Dry land
• Ogwashi-Ukwu – Table Dry land
• Umuduru Ogbaku – Table Dry land
• Onu Eboyi – Table Dry land

• Aku-Ruo-Ulo Nnewi- Nnewi teaching Hospital, Nnewi North,L.G.A Headquarters, Nnewi
Main market, Nnewi Building, Materials Market, Police Area command, Traffic light Junction.
• Mgbakwu Awka – 25mins drive to Government House, 10 Mins Anambra Polythenic
mgbakwu,22 mins to Awka Capital Territory, 25 Mins to Unizik junction.
• Nneyi Umueri – 7 mins drive from the Anambra International cargo/passenger
airport,Orient petroleum ,Aguleri, 30 Mins Drive to Onitsha commercial hub, 20 mins drive
to unizik, Maria comprehensive college nteje oyi l.g.a, Nwafor Orizu college of education
• Amuche Nkwelle – Admiralty University, Navy Barracks, Immigration Asaba, 20 Mins drive to
Onitsha commercial Hub, behind Airport.
• Independence layout – 15mins to Akanu Ibiam International Airport,
• Ugwuomu Emene Nike –15Mins drive to enugu international Airport, behind Goodluck
Jonathan international Market, caritas Okoye University, Orie Emene market, British
quarters, Am,erican quarters.
• Agbo ogazi Nike – Nike lake Resort Hotel, Ugwogo round about, Sam maduka University,
• Ibusa Asaba – Chinese construction company, Admiralty university, Nigeria Army brigade
Headquaters, Delta state immigration headquarters, Federal road safety corps
headquarters, coka fly over, few mins driver from Asaba international Airport.
• Ogwashi-Ukwu – Directly behind Delta State polythenic ,15 mins drive to Asaba Airport,
25Mins drive to Onitsha commercial Hub, behind depper life church ogwashi-ukwu.
• Umuduru Ogbaku -20 mins drive to Assumpta cathedral Owerri, opposite custom estate,
opposite winners University, beside Federal Road safety commission.
• Onu Eboyi –10 Mins drive to Government house, 10 mins drive to Airport, 5 Mins drive to
international Market.

Zenith Bank :1015032527 Access Bank: 0046893076 Fidelity Bank: 5620056232
Account name: Affable Homes Limited.

Yes, You can. A link will be granted to you on request Or Visit our website and fill and submit a form.

Yes, there are,
Documentation Fee (Deed of Assignment, Survey and Contract of Sale) and
Development Fee

It varies based on the property location and the number of properties you purchase.

Development fee is determined at the time of development

1. Receipt of payment
2. Contract of Sale
3. Acknowledgement Letter
4. Deed of Assignment and Survey -Will be prepared after your DOCUMENTION FEE are fully Paid.
A soft copy of all these will be sent to your email address or optionally, you can visit the office to pick up
your hard copy.

It is the Legal document that binds the transaction between the Vendor and the purchaser.

Yes, you can Visit now by logging on to:

Yes, you can find us on: Facebook, Instagram, you-tube and Linked in.
Facebook: affablehomeslimited
Instagram: affable_homes_properties: @affablehomes
Linked in: Affable Homes Limited.

Head Office: Emirates Mall, Amuwo-Odofin, Okota Road, Beside Divine Estate Gate 1, Lagos (1st Floor,
Suite 106 & 107) +234 818 200 0170 | 234 906 967 8687
Apapa Office: Affable Homes Legend Group, First floor, B31, St Aloysius Plaza. 12 Industrial Road, Trinity
Market, Olodi Apapa Lagos. +234 703 383 8469
Delta Office: Affable Homes Apex Group Asaba First Edition Plaza Opposite Patrick College. (+234 703
053 3043)
Enugu Office: Affable Homes Global Ogui Road Enugu Beside ABC park +2348113965982
Anambra Office Onitsha: Affable Homes Champions Group 8 Oguta Road Opposite DMGS Onitsha
Anambra State 2nd floor +234 809 867 4504
Anambra Office Nnewi: Affable Homes Sky Properties First Floor, Shop 1, KM Plaza, Opposite Ekeson
Park, Bank Road, Nnewi, Anambra State. +234 803 837 2482


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