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About Affable Homes

We are  real estate company in Lagos Nigeria. No 1 Real Estate Multi-Level Marketing Company

our history

Affable Homes, an offshoot of Affability Investment Limited is Nigeria’s No 1 Real Estate Networking platform where you become a part of Africa’s largest consulting Network of Realtors which enables you to earn limitless residual income while creating affordable homeownership opportunities for average Nigerians through our flexible payment plan.

Fully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission as a legal entity in 2011, We have been at the fore front in the procurement and sales of genuine lands, property development, property management, recruitment, empowerment, and skill acquisition. The company has since its inception undergone phenomena transformations both in brand identity and scope of operations.

our vision

Our vision is to demystify property ownership and to bridge the gap between landlords and tenants so as to make land and property ownership management a lot easier. And to develop and manage concepts that are geared towards small and medium scale entrepreneurial development and creating job opportunities with a view to reducing unemployment in Nigeria

About Affable Homes

our mission

Our mission is to assist prospective wise investors in land and landed properties, succeed in achieving their aims and objective in line with the federal government’s “Housing for all policy” as well as transform our views into reality.

our core values


Affable Homes is always ready to render a detailed account on every of our dealings with a client. We are always responsible and answerable to our clients, because we keep accurate records of their funds, property and documents


We ensure that we are very fair in anything we do. In our dealings with our clients, we make sure they understand that we are just vessels in God's hand in making sure they own properties they paid for.


This is why we are called Affable. We make clients feel at so much at home as we do not discriminate against any race. We make business so easy


We are known for our agility, diligence and commitment to get things done within the shortest period of time. Being dormant is never in our vocabulary. Our capability to deliver the best on time is topnotch


When it comes to real estate management, we are simply the best, because we are incomparable when it comes to property management and development. Efforts in our services are supreme and incomparable. More so, our lands do appreciate faster than anyone can imagine


If there's anything Affable Homes is known for, it is our steadfast adherence to strict moral and ethical code. Your money is very safe with us. Testimonies abound on our stand on integrity. Our clients invest and go to sleep because, they are sure of having the best without stories that touches the heart


In Affable Homes, being loyal and faithful to our clients is what we don't joke with. We devote and appreciate our clients so well and we put/consider them first in everything we do.


Affable Homes is always committed to creating new ideas that bring about employments to the unemployed. We also deploy these new ideas in helping our clients in the acquisition of the best properties to suite their need.


We are here to make you profit from our businesses. In Affable Homes, your little effort, pays you so handsomely. We don't eat alone, we share our profits with you and we deliver as expected.


Our transparency is second to none. Everything we do is always transparent and nothing is hidden to our clients. You get to know what we do and how we do it. Our practices are very visible.

Our expertise

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