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With the ever-evolving nature of the world, getting acquainted with high-income skills is surely a necessity. That’s why Affable Homes skill and Digital Academy is here to make you a skillful champion

lets help to take your skill to the next level with

Innovative Ideas

We deplore the best innovative ideas into ensuring that you get the best out of your learning experience

Premium Materials

You will get comprehensive resources which will also aid the learning for your course of choice

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Active Community

You will become a part of our active community of professional tutors ready to attend to your questions

Trusted Content

The course content are well explanatory and detailed to help you get ahead faster

Professional Tutors

Our Tutors are well experienced with vast knowledge in their area of specialization

Practical Experience

All the sessions are practical so you can easily get along and learn faster

Available courses

Below are the courses available to choose from, more courses will be uploaded as time progresses

digital marketing

public speaking and diction


Real estate

why you should be a part of this

Competitive Advantage

This course will make you to stand out of your competitors


With this course, you will be able to scale your business if you have one and if you do not have, it will help you to jumpstart one


This course will expose you and your business to the updates and trends in the global sphere thereby helping you to operate beyond the national boarder.

High income Skill

You will get to acquire some top high-income skill with which you can generate income for yourself

Business Diversification

Your involvement in this course will expose you to other businesses you can do without having to quit what you are currently doing.

Certified Professional

If you are a realtor, you will become a certified professional after participating in this academy.

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who is this academy for?

This academy is for you if you:

how it works

There are four courses in which students are expected to pick their area of interest. The fee for each course varies depending on the scope of the course. Participants can also take all the courses if they so desire.


The duration for each course differs, for public speaking, Cinematography, and Digital Marketing, it’s four weeks while Real Estate is two weeks. At the end of the course, participants will be given their certificates.

We Have The Delivery Mode That Suits Your Requirement

Classroom Training

Get the training you need to succeed in a practical, comfortable, and safe setting away from the noise and pressure of the workspace.

Online Self-Paced Training

Here you get your desired training by gaining instant access to our online learning portal, which is accessible anywhere and anytime.

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