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Affable Homes Properties 2024 price update Beautiful Garden Estate ( Smart City) Asaba Delta state Behind Asaba Airport Actual: 6m ❌ Promo: 5m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Port Harcourt ( New York City ) Actual price: 3m ❌ Promo price: 2.5m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Independent layout enugu state ( Smart City ) Actual: 8m❌ Promo: 7m✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Ogwashi ukwu ( Cape Town ) Asaba Delta state Actual: 3m ❌ Promo: 2.4m ✅ Buy 5plots and get 1plot free still Available Beautiful Garden Estate ibusa ( Dubai City ) Asaba Delta state Actual: 3m ❌ Promo:.2.5m ✅ Buy 5plots and get 1plot free still Available Beautiful Garden Estate Mgbakwu Awka Anambra state ( City of David) Actual Price: 3m ❌ Promo price: 2.5m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Agbogazi Nike (Kings and Queens ) Enugu state Scheme1: 2m ✅ Scheme2: 1.5m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Epe Lagos State ( Atlanta City) Actual price: 5m ❌ Promo Price: 4m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Achalla Awka north Anambra state Actual Price: 2m ❌ Promo price: 1.5m ✅ Buy 5plots and get 1plot free is now Available Beautiful Garden Estate Ogbaku owerri imo state ( Aku- Ruo Ulo 5 star Extension ) Actual Price: 6m ❌ Promo price: 5.3m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Ugwuomu Emene Nike Enugu state ( British City ) Actual price: 5m ❌ Promo price: 3.8m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Umueri ( Airport City) Anambra state Actual price: 4m ❌ Promo price: 3.5m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Oba Anambra state (New Jerusalem City ) Actual price: 7m ❌ Promo price: 6m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Abakaliki Onu Ebonyi ( Cape Town) Actual Price: 5m ❌ Promo Price: 4.3m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Apa Badagry Lagos state ( Nature View ) Actual price: 2m ❌ Promo price: 1.5m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Ijeododo VIP Lagos state Actual price: 7m ❌ Promo price: 6.5m ✅ Beautiful Garden Estate Ofada Owode ( City of David ) Actual price: 1.2m ❌ Promo price: 950k ✅ Buy 5plots and get 1plot free is Still Available Please Note Outright Purchase will get a Rechargeable Fan Payable within 3months no discount, No Interest Payable within 6months would apply 12.5% of the Value Payable within 12months would Apply 25% of the value All Comes with Free Documentations ✅ Please Note All the New Price increment will take effect from 15th of January 2024💯

Top Real Estate Company in Lagos Nigeria

Demystifying Homeownership For All

Our property location: Lagos, Anambra, Enugu, Delta, Imo. Your Ideal Home Awaits.

We are real estate company in Lagos Nigeria.

Who we are

Affable Homes, an offshoot of Affability Investment Limited is Nigeria’s No 1 Real Estate Networking platform where you become a part of Africa’s largest consulting Network of Realtors which enables you to earn limitless residual income while creating affordable homeownership opportunities for average Nigerians through our flexible payment plan.

our vision

Our vision is demystifying property ownership and bridging the gap between landlords and tenants so as to make land and property ownership management a lot easier. And to develop and manage concepts that are geared towards small and medium-scale entrepreneurial development and creating job opportunities with a view to reducing unemployment in Nigeria.

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You are in the right place

With Affable Homes, your long term dream of homeownership and earning residual income is assured

About Affable Homes
residual income assured

With Affable Homes, you can build streams of income and earn residually even while you sleep

our mission

Our mission is to assist prospective wise investors in land and landed properties, succeed in achieving their aims and objective in line with the federal government’s “Housing for all policy” as well as transforming our views into reality.

Top Real Estate Company in Lagos Nigeria

What We Do?

We assist prospective wise investors in land and landed properties, succeed in achieving their aims and objective. We are presently a leading real estate company that aims to provide the highest quality real estate services to both residential and commercial clients

Real Estate

Having been in this industry for many years, we can beat our chest to deliver to you the real estate deal that suite your lifestyle and the one that meets your uttermost desire and need.

Survey Services

We help you in conducting a perfect survey for your properties which we do through our professional and licensed surveyors

Real Estate Network

We help you build a strong network which guarantees you a sustainable and consistent income

Property Management

In Affable Homes, you can entrust your properties with us to manage while you go and sleep

Property Development

For your property development, we provide with modern building structures that meet international standard

Real Estate & Digital Academy

With our real estate and digital academy, you will learn what there is to becoming a world-class certified realtor

Affable Homes Properties ​

Our Properties

Why Chose Us


Whatever we say is what we deliver upon. We believe integrity is the currency of the generation next.

Quality Service

We believe you are the king because without you, there will be no us, so we deliver excellently until you are satisfied

Empowerment and Capacity Building

We build and empower you through our seasoned experts to become an outstanding realtor

Fast Payout

Our payout system is second to none, with our weekly purple Friday at your finger tips, you cashout big.

Unbeatable Compensation Plan

Our compensation plans are structured to help you earn limitless residual income irrespective of your status

Unlimited Earning Channel

With Affable Homes, you gain access to unlimited earning channels where you earn for life.

Become our partner and earn residually

Affable Homes gives you the opportunity to earn residual income when you decide to partner with us as a freelancer or full-time. You will have access to earn from eight different ways from the platform. The interesting part is that you can become a partner for FREE and start earning immediately.

these people cannot be wrong

I have always known that convincing people to buy land will be difficult for me and there is no other way to earn aside from salary in real estate except from commission but affable homes limited multi level marketing made it possible for me now I earn indirect commission from my downline's sales (partners that registered under me) not only did I earn from their sales I earned 40% of their registration fee. With Affable Homes multi level marketing you can create a passive income for yourself .
Real Estate Entrepreneur
My friend has been disturbing me to register with Affable Homes limited. I was skeptical at first but when she told me of all the testimonials they have been getting I registered with two thousand naira under their free plan and I had a friend that wanted to buy a land. So I closed the deal and got my 5% Commission and I have other prospects in line that are still interested in buying. Now I get income from my shuttle bus business and from real estate. Is all thanks to Affable Homes limited multi level marketing.
Patrick Nnamdi
I never believed in anything called networking, but joining the Affable homes cleared all my doubts. You too can give it a trial, trust me, it pays very well. My Vision for 2021 is to draw more clients into investment in Affability Investments, to become the owner of many more properties, build my houses, support more kingdom projects/helping the needy through the earnings from this platform..
Mrs. Peace Ewulum
Real Estate Consultant

FAQ To All Our Beautiful Garden Estates

Affable Homes is a real estate firm dully registered ®️ with Cooperate Affairs Commission in 2011,
incorporated into the COMPANIES AND ALLIED MATTERS ACT 2020.
We also offer you 1st class quality services like:
• Property management
• Property development
• Facility management
• Property Valuation
• Procurement and sales of genuine Estate Lands
• Real Estate Network
• Skills and Digital Academy

Affable Homes LTD worldwide are the proud Owners of Beautiful Garden Estates.

Yes, it is a trademark name with copyright © backed by law.

Through divine inspiration, the name Beautiful Garden was curled from the Holy Bible traced to the first
garden(estate) God ever created in Eden. It was so beautiful that Affable homes had no choice than to
bring back the glory of Eden into our Beautiful Garden Estates.

Yes, we do. We just launched it officially Monday, May 1st ,2023.

By August 2023, affable homes limited became 9 (nine) years old

It is a replica, designed by a group of professional architects, that displays what Affable Homes Beautiful
Garden Estates worldwide will look like. This connote that no matter the location, whether in the United
states, London, Lagos, Owerri, Asaba, our Beautiful Garden Estates will look exactly like what you will
see in the prototype. The prototype and the company’s theme song are all properties of Affable Homes
LTD, registered ®️ with copyrights.

Affable Homes Limited, Owners of Beautiful Garden Estates nationwide, is proud to present to you a
beautiful garden estate prototype that has the following features:
• Clean and serene environment
• Good drainage systems
• Good, large Interconnected road network
• Highly trained security personnel and patrol vans
• Beautiful perimeter fencing
• Organized layouts that suit both residential and commercial areas respectively
• 24-hour non-interrupted power supply
• The estate is blessed with enough sights of mother nature such as beautiful gardens, Trees,
plantations, etc.
• Our smart city estates also have other wonderful features such as water fountains, gyms & Spa,
playgrounds, good schools, well-equipped clinics, standard sports facilities, etc.