Affable Homes Limited

Affable World-class Realtors Rules and Regulations 📃

  • On no account should any partner collect any form of payment from clients either cash or through a personal bank account on behalf of the company. (This offense is punishable by the Law)
  • Partners are to forward all Payment proofs to the accounting department for verification and matching.
  • Partners are expected to create testimonial posts on their social media handles as well as the partner’s group whenever a commission is paid,
  • Partners are not to mark up the price of the property for any reason.
  • Partners will make sure of the client’s proper documentation before a request for a commission.
  • Partners are to attend training so as to have good knowledge of Affable Homes properties, products, and services
  • Any downward negotiations (reduction in price of property to close sale) will reduce partners’ commission percentage.
  • Partners Must ensure client pay up all payment including all compulsory statutory fees as of when due.
  • Partners are enjoined to actively promote the company’s products and Services
  • When the company observes that a partner is no longer promoting Affable Homes Limited, your account will be disabled, and would not be able to earn indirect commission and indirect recruitment bonus.
  • Partners are expected to renew their subscription annually depending on the plan they are registered.
  • On no account should a partner covert a fellow partner’s client whether by proxy or intentional act.
  • It’s the duty of partners to communicate other statutory fees such as control of sales, Documentation,s and development fee to clients when marketing them.
  • Partners are expected to empower other individuals by recruiting them into your network.
  • Partners are to encourage their clients to fill property subscription form before payment is made and a contract of sale after payment. (Property Subscription form is free, contract of sale is #5,000, documentation fee could be 200k, 250k or 300k depending on the location. while development fee will be ascertained in the future.)